Sizing & Fabric

Adult Bath Robe Sizing
With the exception of our Children's robes and Chenille bathrobes, all of our robes are OSFM (One Size Fits Most). Robes are all generously sized to fit a wide range of measurements
Waist Circumference
All of our robes, except our Children's line, have a waist circumference of approximately 60".
All of our robes, except our Children's line, range from 4a.-52" in length The length of your bathrobe is stated in the more info page for your particu­lar robe. Robe lengths are determined by measuring from the back of the neck down to the bottom of the robe.
Sizing Children's Robes
Our Kids Bathrobes come in different sizes. For the Hooded Terry Robe its XSmall. Small and Med. Size XS is for ages 2-4. size Small is for ages 5-7 and size Med is for ages 8-10. For the Chenille Hooded Robe we have XS and Sm. XS is ages 1-3 and SM is ages 4-7.
Chenille Microfiber Robe Sizing
Our Chenille Robes are sized Small. Medium and Large The small is 45 inches in length and 58 inches in circumference. The medium is 47 inches in length and 60 inches in circumference and is considered a OSFM sized robe The large Chenille Rob is 48 inches in length and 62 inches in circumference
Bath Robe Fabrics
All of our robe fabrics are designed for luxury hotel use and are superior to most "consumer" fabrics in weight, wear and feel. Turkish cotton is considered the world's finest matenal for bath robes and is known for its thickness and absorbency.
Terry and Velour
Often called loop terry. our 100% cotton terry bathrobes have loops on both the inside and outside of our robes Our 100% cotton terry velour, also known as velour. has loops on the inside and a velvety soft feel on the outside. All of our bath robes are made of 100% long stranded ringspun combed cotton.
Our Chenille robes are all made from 100% microfiber knit polyester. giving them a soft and fluffy feel similar to cashmere.
Waffle Pique
Our lightweight waffle pique robe is a blend, made of 67% cotton and 33% polyester It is lighter in weight than terry or velour and has no loops.
Asian Silk Robes
Our Asian Kimono Robes are made of 60% rayon and 40% silk.
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